LS-B10 Laser Sensor Instruction Manual

This instruction manual contains discussion related to detective angle, alarm signal, power switch, detective precision, and precision mode. Lots of explanation regarding power, instrument, buzzer, laser beam, and sensor are explained inside the instruction manual.

Inside the instruction manual the reader can read description regarding machine blade, indicator, laser, instruments, and laser sensor. These are selected from this instruction manual:

(To turn on the laser sensor, press the power switch again.) Laser beam positions and display patterns Indicator(LCD) Indicator(LED) Detective precision Specifications Detective range : 120mm(4.724inches) Detective angle : 270° : Detective precision Mode1:±2mm(0.0066ft) : Mode2:±6mm(0.020ft) : Mode3:±12mm(0.039ft) : Mode1:±2mm Mode2:±6mm Mode3:±12mm Mode4:±30mm Mode4:±30mm(0.098ft) Detectable laser wave length : No display when in Mode 4 Power source : AA-size dry cells 3pcs.

Additionally, this instruction manual gives the reader more regarding display, output alarm, battery, and magnetic field.

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