LS-Series Digital Laser Sensor Application Note

Lots of explanation about head mounting, operation indicator, semiconductor laser, power supply, light, receiving sensitivity, peak emission wavelength, emission wavelength, photoelectric sensors, mounting bracket, shape adjustment, and quick connection cable are explained in this application note. This application note presents info around operation, sensitivity, sensors, laser emission indicator, shape adjuster, sensor, range spot, bracket, laser, response time, and connector type.

Inside this application note the reader can get explanation around peak emission, sensing range, range, adjustment, quick connection, output, connection, connector, reflector, sensing, amplifier, and laser emission. These are some excerpt from this application note:

The spot shape can be adjusted according to the object. Easy adjustment while viewing the spot. Laser emission indicator Operation indicator Spot-shape adjuster Highly reliable built-in multiple turn-type knob allows you to adjust the spot shape easily. Spot-shape adjuster (multiple turn) 1 Spot shape adjustment possible LS-H21, LS-H22 The long sensing range spot reflective type and long sensing range line reflective type have a built-in spot-shape adjuster that enables spot shape adjustment according to the object for optimal setting.

In addition, this application note explains info things like connection cable, sensor mounting, spot shape adjuster, mounting, light intensity, standards, emission indicator, emission, sensor head, adjuster, and indicator.

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