LSM11, Bosch’s Lambda Oxygen Sensor Application Note

The application note presents explanation regarding electrode, temperature range, signal voltage, air, connector, protective tube, sinusoidal oscillations –, oxygen concentration, and sensor. In this application note the reader can learn things such as characteristic, oil, processes, lambda, signal, the connection cable, gas, and oxygen.

Many info like housing, special design, lambda oxygen sensors, temperature gradient, heater element, heater voltage, sensor voltage, and temperature are presented in the application note. These are chosen from the application note:

The inside and outside surfaces of the sensor ceramic have a microporous platinum layer (electrode) which, on the one hand, has a decisive influence on the sensor characteristic, and on the other, is used for contacting purposes. The platinum layer on that part of the sensor ceramic which is in contact with the exhaust gas is covered with a firmly bonded, highly porous protective ceramic layer which prevents the residues in the exhaust gas from eroding the catalytic platinum layer.

In addition, the application note explains info around voltage, control, sensor housing, layer, heater, exhaust, oxygen sensors, and design.

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