LV-S/H Series Laser Sensors Catalog

This catalog presents explanation about control output, circuit, spot diameter, sensor head, laser emission, shielded cable, material, power, laser, indicator, detection distance, and expansion unit. Lots of information about laser sensor, ambient humidity, main unit, coaxial structure, distance, retro reflective, supply voltage, receiver, protection circuit, input, reflective mirror, and rear mounting are presented in this catalog.

Inside the catalog the reader can read info such as mounting brackets, laser wavelength, expansion, condensation, mounting hole, light, specifications, axis adjustment, control, detecting distance, mounting, and bracket. The following are selected from the catalog:

The shape of the laser beam emitted on the target forms a small spot. Effective for highly precise detection of minute targets. Small Beam Spot Type Retro-Reflective Thrubeam DIMENSIONS Reflective Detecting image Page P.5 3 Method of detection Step2 Select either a reflective, retro-reflective, or thrubeam sensor based on the application. If area beam was selected in Step 1 Area Beam Retro-Reflective P.6 Highly precise target detection with easy installation

Giving more content, the catalog contains discussion regarding transmitter, reflector, lens cover, output, light source, overcurrent protection, sensor, mounting bracket, light quantity, detection, beam, and amplifier.

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