M-140 Automatic Light Sensor Wiring Diagram and User Manual

This user manual gives the reader info about sensor, photocell inside, and small hole. There are lots of explanation such as lighting, and lamp are explained in this user manual.

Inside this user manual we can find description about switch, and installation. The following are taken from the user manual:

Automatic Light Sensor Switch (using solid state relay. No mechanical contact) www.escol.com.my Model M-140 AC 230V, 600W (max.) Rev.1 fluorescent lamp or other electrical appliances connector ite wh ck bla nge ora N L 230V mains light small hole for light to pass through & reach the photocell inside Operation This simple device will automatically switch ON any lighting system in the evening and switch it OFF again in the morning. It can be used to control just about any lighting systems such as corridor lights, signboard lighting, …

Furthermore, this user manual contains information things like photocell, and light.

Download M-140 Automatic Light Sensor Wiring Diagram and User Manual pdf
File size: 0.040 MB, number of pages: 4, download server: www.escol.com.my
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