M7LL : A Laser Distance Sensor from MEL

There are many discussion related to automated manufacturing, measurement, range, error, smallest deviation, roundness measurement, ethernet interface, and modification are presented inside this product information. The product information presents discussion such as distance, measuring rate, sampling rate, output, rotating object, appropriate corrective action, sensor, electronic unit, and protection.

In the product information you can read info such as analog, class, temperature, measured distance values, power supply, thickness measurement, sensor head, and digital output. Here are taken from the product information:

The sensor is mounted in a defined distance to the rotating object. Even smallest deviations from roundness are recognized due to a continuous displacement measurement.To avoid error during placement the ICs are detected by a M7LL laser sensor. Bent or absent pins are realised and can be signaled to the machine control.Thus waste will be recognised immediately and theappropriate corrective action can be initiated without delay.

Even more, the product information presents information things like technical modification, vibration measurement,light intensity output, isolation voltage, replacable protection, replacable protection glasses, ethernet, and laser.

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