Magnet-inductive Proximity Sensor from Turck

The datasheet tells the reader explanation around devices, switching distance, current consumption, electrical equipment, switching, sensors, housing, combination, and technical data. Inside the datasheet we can find info around equipment, device, inductive proximity sensor, proximity, ambient temperature, sensing, proximity sensor, magnet, and nominal switching distance.

Many info regarding actuated current consumption, connection, threaded barrel, steel, data, distance, temperature, magnet inductive proximity, and magnetic fields are described in this datasheet. Here are some excerpt from this datasheet:

Magnet-inductive proximity sensors are actuated by magnetic fields and are thus capable of detecting permanent magnets through non-ferromagnetic materials (e.g. wood, plastic, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, stainless steel). Thus it is possible to achieve large switching distances even with smaller housing styles. In combination with the actuation magnet DMR31-15-5, TURCK’s M8 style sensors feature a nominal switching distance of 78 mm. Thus there are manifold detection possibilities, particularly if mounting space is limited or other difficult sensing conditions prevail.

Furthermore, this datasheet explains discussion around mounting, inductive proximity, stainless steel, actuated current, plastic, actuation, technical data sheet, and cable.

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