Magnetic Current Sensing, Honeywell’s Magnetic Products App Note

In the application note the reader can get info about shield, current sensor, current, equation, turns ratio, flux density, design, and magnetic sensors. The application note contains information such as permeability, magnetic flux, dynamic range, approach, magnetoresistive sensors, magnetic sensor, and electrical isolation.

There are many discussion such as current sensing, relative permeability, magnetic reluctance, conducting wire, tolerance, magnetic fields, signal, and coil are presented in this application note. Here are selected from this application note:

There are numerous methods used to measure current. The most common ways include the use of a resistive shunt, a transformer, or a magnetic sensor. Resistive shunts operate by Ohm’s law giving a voltage proportional to the current going through the shunt. It is a resistor in series with the load. This offers good accuracy and low offset, but does not provide electrical isolation and has high thermal drift. This allows transient spikes to ruin the sensor and potentially overload the electronics.

In addition, this application note explains information regarding positioning, loop current sensing, sensor, wire position, magnetic field, current sensor design, and shielding.

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