Magnetic FET-based On-chip Current Sensor for Current Testing

Inside the journal we can get information about current, higher sensitivity, current testing, magnetic force, sensor, drain, engineering, noise, current test, signal processing, and magnetic induction. Lots of discussion regarding sensitivity, field, design, transistor, induction, current sensing, metallization, method, principle, current sensor, and chip are explained in the journal.

This journal presents discussion like channel, source, circuitry, spinning current, phase, supply current, testing, sensing, signal, split, and current test methods. Here are taken from this journal:

A new built-in current sensor design using the magnetic force of a magnetic FET (MAGFET) is presented. Theoretical background together with special features and physical implementation of single individual parts of the sensor as well as specific shapes and their individual advantages are described in details. The proposed sensor is aimed to be used for current testing in deep-submicron circuits with ultra low-voltage power supply (below 2 V). The main advantage of the proposed sensor is elimination of the undesired supply voltage reduction, commonly created by standard current test methods. Description of two different sensor shapes, sensor design and its physical implementation on the chip is presented. The different sensor shapes evaluation results are finally compared in order to obtain the highest possible sensitivity of the structure.

Even more, this journal tells us more around differential amplifier, measurement, supply, voltage, magnetic field, structure, calibration, microelectronics, technology, and metal.

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