Magnetic Measurement Method Classification

In the paper we can learn info such as design, beam guidance magnets, alignment, fluxmeter method, magnets, planar hall effect, methods, temperature, signal, accuracy, field, resonance imaging, effect, field geometry, excitation, and magnetic axis. This paper gives you things such as system, precision, mechanical reference targets, median plane, range, field strength, induction coil, sensitivity, coil, technique, hall coefficient, frequency, multipole magnets, magnetic field, calibration curve, and hall voltage.

Many info such as flux, probe, excitation coil, calibration points, stretched wire, plane measurement, position, superconducting magnets, induction, beam, tight tolerances, harmonic coil, thermally induced voltages, calibration, magnetic resonance, and axis are explained inside this paper . These are taken from this paper :

The paper illustrates the most commonly used methods for magnetic measurements in beam- guidance magnets for particle accelerators as well as in spectrometer magnets used in particle physics. Short descriptions of the fluxmeter method, the Hall generator, magnetic resonance technique and the fluxgate magnetometer are given. References of historical nature as well as citations of more recent work are indicated. The described methods are complementary and cover most of the needs for measurements in this area. It is mentioned when sensors and associated equipment are commercially available. A few of the more exotic methods are also briefly mentioned. Particular problems related to measurements and definition of field geometry (median plane and magnetic axis) are discussed.

Additionally, this paper contains discussion around magnetic resonance technique, precise mechanical measurement, coil method, magnetic measurements, measurement equipment, measurement method, measuring system, angle, resonance technique, temperature coefficient, particle accelerator, surface, function, median plane measurement, and measurement.

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