Magneto-optical Sensor for Temperature Stability Improvement

There are lots of discussion around temperature compensation, material, variation, circuit, input, with temperature, sensor, compensation, polarizer, power, measured current, angle, comparative measurement, signal, component, magnetic field, converter, and output sensor are presented inside this paper. The paper presents explanation around faraday rotation angle, compensation scheme, error, light sources, internal linear birefringence, temperature range, intensity, birefringence, sensing, stability, temperature characteristics, sensitivity variation, temperature dependence, analyzer, temperature, temperature coefficient, permanent magnet, and effect.

Inside the paper the reader can read explanation like temperature stability, normalization, current sensor, scheme, rotation, monitoring unit, temperature monitoring unit, magnet, high voltage, light source, stable permanent, light path, primary current, sources, voltage, current, magneto optical current, and sensing material. These are chosen from this paper:

A novel magneto-optical current sensor (MOCS) with two sensing arms is proposed to improve the temperature stability. One of the arms, with a highly stable permanent magnet attached and orthogonal to the other one, is designed to provide a reference that follows the temperature characteristics of the sensing material. By a normalization operation between two arms, the temperature drift is compensated adaptively and a sensing output proportional to the measured current can be reached. A dual-input and dual-output structure is specially designed for the reference sensing arm to demodulate the DC Faraday rotation angle. This scheme compensates simultaneously two main temperature influence factors, the Verdet constant and linear birefringence.

Furthermore, the paper tells you info regarding critical factors, demodulating method, rotation angle, structure, current transformer, source, constant, method, stable permanent magnet, measurement, characteristics, output, linear, dual input, temperature monitoring, sensitivity, and linear birefringence.

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