Magtrol FR10 Free-Run Speed Sensor Datasheet

This datasheet contains things regarding fiber optic assembly, adjustable gooseneck, fr10, minimum bend radius, motor, sensor model, torque display, sensor, and sensing beam. Inside this datasheet you can find things related to photoelectric sensor, cable, operating temperature, connector, fiber optic, pigtail wires, output, display, and voltage.

Lots of things related to motor shaft, sensing, shaft, protection circuitry, free run speed, response time, bearings, construction, and indicators are presented inside the datasheet. Below are some excerpt from the datasheet:

When a motor is coupled to a dynamometer, or any device that has a shaft supported by ball bearings, there will be a small amount of drag load placed on the motor due to friction in the bearings. Ensuring optimal alignment of the motor and dynamometer shafts, as well as using higher-quality bearings and lubricants, can reduce this drag load. However, even when employing these tactics, drag load can never be completely eliminated. All motors will show a slightly greater current draw from the residual drag load, and some motors will show a reduction in free-run speed.

In addition, the datasheet contains information regarding dynamometer controller, digital display, assembly, power, optic assembly, speed, dynamometer, speed sensor, and mounting.

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