Manual for P800 Proximity Sensor

Lots of explanation about sensors, the proximity sensors, and opto isolated transistor are explained in the manual. The manual presents info such as sensor, input, and limit switch.

In this manual we can find description such as proximity sensor, proximity, and proximity sensors. Here are taken from the manual:

Apply power to unit & machinery & check that input & output lights are turning on & off as target ‘appears’ & ‘disappears’ past face of sensor. Check that there is an air space between sensor & any surrounding metalwork (30mm min.) Check that the machinery is rotating & that the target is actually leaving the sensor before re-appearing. ‘Target Sensed’ (Input) (red) & Output ON (output) (green) states are indicated by LED’s situated on top of the proximity sensor.

Even more, the manual contains information around the proximity sensor, and output.

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