Manual for Phototransistor Light Sensor

This manual gives the reader discussion around light intensity, light sensor, and intensity. Lots of info such as calibration graph, sensitivity, and the calibration graph are described in the manual.

In this manual you can find things about phototransistor, sensor, and light. The following are chosen from the manual:

The Light sensor is a phototransistor, which receives light through a glass fibre. The phototransistor converts the light intensity in the output voltage. The sensor can be used to measure light, but also to detect events such as falling water droplets. The circuitry of the sensor is shown in figure 2. Figure 2. Circuitry of the light sensor The light sensor is delivered with a BT-plug and can be connected to the following interfaces: • UIA/UIB through Measuring console (via 0520 adapter) • CoachLab • CoachLab II • SMI (via 0520 adapter) • Texas Instruments CBL™ data-logger. There is an adapter (art. 0520) to connect sensors with BT-plugs to 4-mm inputs.

Even more, this manual tells you info around the light intensity, and the light sensor.

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