Manual for TPIC8101 Knock Sensor Interface

There are lots of information like signal, digital integrator, programmable integrator, programmable gain, interface, band pass filter, analog signal, linearity error, and gain are described inside the manual. Inside the manual the reader can read info related to amplifier, microprocessor, programmable band pass, data output, the integrator output, knock sensor, center frequency, integrator output, and output.

The manual tells the reader information like applications, knock sensor interface, frequency, signal processing, internal pulldown, electrical characteristics, sensor, filter, and sensor interface. The following are grabbed from the manual:

D Engine Knock Detector Signal Processing D Analog Signal Processing With Filter Characteristics description The TPIC8101 is a dual-channel signal processing IC for detection of premature detonation in combustion engine. The two sensor channels are selectable through the SPI bus. The knock sensor typically provides an electrical signal to the amplifier inputs. The sensed signal is processed through a programmable band-pass filter to extract the frequency of interest (engine knock or ping signals). The band-pass filter eliminates any engine background noise associated with combustion.

Furthermore, this manual explains discussion things like pass filter, sampling frequency, the digital output, automotive applications, output voltage, integrator, input voltage, and output signal.

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