Manual How to Uses The Light Sensor On The E.T.T

In the manual you can learn description about light, uv, and light sensor. This manual contains info like sensor, and divider.

Lots of information about circuit, technology, and output voltage are presented in this manual. These are excerpted from the manual:

Light sensor : A voltage divider The light-sensitive part of the LDR is a wavy track of cadmium sulphide. Light energy triggers the release of extra charge carriers in this material, so that its resistance falls as the level of illu mination increases. A light sensor uses an LDR as part of a voltage divider. The essential circuit of a voltage divider, also called a potential divider, is: Queensland University of Technology Page 3 To have a light sensor we just have to replace Rbottom by an LDR. In other words, this circuit gives a LOW voltage when the LDR is in the light, and a HIGH voltage when the LDR is in the shade.

Additionally, the manual explains more such as luminance, and the light sensor.

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