MAX-250 Series: Weak Acid Electrolyte Oxygen Sensor from Maxtec

Lots of info about power requirements, sensor, display, batteries, specifications, constant temperature, and weak acid electrolyte are described in this product sheet. This product sheet tells you info regarding calibration, atmospheric pressure, one touch calibration, measurement range, temperature, model, and touch calibration.

In the product sheet the reader can learn things such as accuracy, sensors, touch calibration button, power, applications, pressure, and oxygen sensor. These are some excerpt from this product sheet:

The Maxtec MAX-250 Series oxygen sensors are of the galvanic cell type. They are similar to the conventional galvanic oxygen sensor (lead anode / KOH electrolyte) in operation. However, the chemistry of the MAX-250 Series sensors is quite unique. By implementing a weak acid electrolyte, MAX-250 sensors offer superior performance over the conventional oxygen sensor when used in applications such as emissions testing. The weak acid electrolyte of the MAX-250 series sensor is unaffected by CO2 , CO, and NOx. This results in a sensor with a superior technical advantage over KOH type sensors in applications where these gases are present.

Even more, the product sheet presents discussion such as monitoring, electrolyte, oxygen, response time, response, oxygen level, and operating temperature.

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