MAX44004 : A Digital Ambient Light Sensor from Maxim

In this product guide you can read things like light sensor, threshold registers, incandescent light, table, voltage, data transfer, interrupt threshold, device, pin, output, slave address, byte, full scale, range, light sensing, power supply, stop condition, resolution, trim registers, and integration time. The product guide presents explanation related to gain, supply, lux, status, register bits, supply voltage, reset state, light, conversion time, register address, lighting conditions, operation, photodiode, bus, main configuration, register, sensitivity, bit, and reset.

There are lots of discussion regarding condition, package, ambient light, infrared channel readings, response, supply current, values, data, green channel, time, temperature, ambient light sensing, threshold, digital gain, configuration, ambient light sensor, digital ambient, acknowledge clock pulse, and mode are explained inside the product guide. The following are excerpted from the product guide:

Digital Ambient Light Sensor General Description The MAX44004 is a wide dynamic range, lowpower ambient light sensor (ALS) ideal for many light sensing applications: tablets, displays, accessories, medical devices, and light management systems. The on-chip ambient sensor has the power to measure the exact visible light from 0.03 lux to 65,000 lux and communicate through an I2C digital communication bus. The IC has patented sensors, filters, and circuitry to mimic the human eye response. With on-chip calibration registers, it performs the same in different light conditions (i.e., fluorescent, incandescent). The interrupt pin minimizes the need of constant polling of the device, freeing up microcontroller resources for efficient communication and thus reducing overall power consumption.

Also, the product guide contains more things like infrared channel, slave, light sources, setup time, power, serial interface, channel, input, stop conditions, max44004, current, status register, sensor, repeated start condition, high voltage, address, configuration register, proper slave address, and interrupt status register.

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