Maxim Max44007 Datasheet : Low Power Digital Ambient Light Sensor with Enhanced Sensitivity

Inside the datasheet we can learn info regarding ambient light sensor, spectral sensitivity, the photodiode current, autoranging circuitry, light sources, manual configuration, fluorescent, and light intensity. Many information regarding enhanced sensitivity, configuration, lux, ambient, the threshold timer, sensor, and output are presented in this datasheet.

This datasheet presents information related to light sensor, integration, supply current, sensitivity, range, supply voltage, and ambient light. The following are selected from the datasheet:

The MAX44007 ambient light sensor features an I2C S Wide 0.025 Lux to 104,448 Lux Range digital output that is ideal for a number of portable applications such as smartphones, notebooks, and industrial sensors. At less than 1µA operating current, it is the lowest power ambient light sensor in the industry and features an ultra-wide 22-bit dynamic range from 0.025 lux to 104,448 lux. S Small, 2mm x 2mm x 0.6mm UTDFN-Opto Low-light operation allows easy operation in dark glass applications. The on-chip photodiode’s spectral response is optimized to mimic the human eye’s perception of ambient light and incorporates IR and UV blocking capability. The adaptive gain block automatically selects the correct lux range to optimize the counts/lux. The IC includes two I2C slave address options: 1011 010x and 1011 011x.

Additionally, the datasheet explains discussion things like power supply, threshold, characteristics, photodiode, photodiode current, electrical characteristics, and response.

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