Measuring Rotation with a No-Contact Laser Sensor

This paper contains discussion related to proposed technique, measurement range, moderate feedback, wavelength, weak feedback, threshold, angular, reference system, laser head, selfmixing, diodes, cavity, distance, section, displacement, fixed yaw rotation, reference, and sensor. In this paper we can learn things about signal, angular resolutions, resolution, effect, proposed sensor, laser diode, output signal, mixing effect, external target, laser sources, photodiode, analysis, angles, measurements, paper, system, entire measurement range, and interference.

Many information around simultaneous measurements, output power, selfmixing effect, pitch, self mixing signal, axis, rotation, separated along, distinct points, optical elements, self mixing effect, target, plane, output, laser self mixing, angular range, moving target, and monitor photodiode are presented in this paper. The following are grabbed from this paper:

The development of a no-contact sensor based on the Self-Mixing effect for the simultaneous measurement of linear and angular degrees-of-freedom (DOFs) of a moving target is presented. The sensor is made up of three laser diodes with integrated monitor photodiodes and a plane mirror target attached to the moving object. The proposed technique makes the system easier to align with respect to the traditional interferometric systems and no further optical elements are required in the laser head except for the laser chip and its integrated photodiode, thus providing an effective compact and low-cost motion control system.

Even more, this paper presents info things like linear displacement, feedback, interference fringes, technique, linear stage, feasibility, stage, external, laser diodes, head, motion, measurement, laser, diode, self mixing, resolutions, simultaneous measurement, and mixing signal.

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