Met One 010C/020C Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

There are lots of info about range, specifications, speed, wind speed, wind speed sensor, and sensor are described in the datasheet. The datasheet gives you discussion related to direction sensor, wind direction, wind direction sensor, applications, and internal heater.

Inside the datasheet you can find things about threshold, distance, damping ratio, speed sensor, low starting threshold, and direction. These are selected from this datasheet:

The lightweight three-cup anemometer is used in virtually all applications where fast response and low starting threshold are of paramount importance. The 020C Wind Direction Sensor provides azimuth data for use in micrometeorological measurements related to operational studies and research. The lightweight airfoil vane is directly coupled to a single precision potentiometer. These sensors are especially useful when a low starting threshold, a high damping ratio, or a short delay distance is required.

Giving more content, this datasheet contains more such as short delay distance, wind, heater, delay distance, and high damping ratio.

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