Micro Epsilon’s Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors Catalog

Lots of info regarding sensors, laser triangulation, imaging, displacement sensors, and light are explained inside this catalog. The catalog gives you info around triangulation, displacement, target, laser optical displacement, and sensor.

In this catalog we can read things regarding imaging device, precision measurement, optical displacement, position, and laser. Below are selected from this catalog:

The diffusely reflected light is projected back onto an imaging array via a precision receiving optical system. If the distance between the target and the laser sensor changes, the angle at which the light spot is observed also changes, resulting in a different position on the receiving imaging device. The position sensitive measuring element used for the series optoNCDT 16×7 is a PSD element, for all the other sensor models of the optoNCDT series a digital imaging device is utilized.

Also, the catalog tells us more such as spot, target position, measurement, and precision.

Download Micro Epsilon’s Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors Catalog pdf
File size: 3.650 MB, number of pages: 45, download server: www.micro-epsilon.com
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