Micro Force Sensing in a Micro Robotic System

Inside the paper you can get info about scanning, integrated wheatstone bridge, precision, teleoperated manipulation, positioning unit, converter, semiconductor strain gauges, micro assembly, output signal, sensor elements, micro force sensing, resolution, micro, scanning electron microscope, piezoresistive, gauges, micro force sensor, force sensing techniques, system, and feedback. Many discussion around time, sensing techniques, mechanical design, processing, design, properties, micro robot, piezoresistive cantilevers, strain gauges, assembly, controller, control, techniques, force measurement, gripper, sensor element, stage, the resistance change, and control system are presented inside the paper.

This paper presents info related to force sensing, measurement range, strain, micro controller, position sensor, research, integration, positioning, signal processing, micro manipulation station, force, actuator, high resolution, sensor, measurement, wheatstone bridge, components, force information, capacitive position sensor, and technology. These are some excerpt from this paper:

Micro robots are the result of increasing research activities at the border between microsystem technology and robotics. Today already, robots with dimensions of a few cm3 can be developed. Like conventional robots, micro robots represent a complex system that usually contains several different types of actuators and sensors. The measurement of gripping forces is the most important sensor application in micro manipulation besides visual servoing to protect the parts from too high surface pressures and thereby damage during the assembly process. In this paper, suitable force sensing methods are described, and a concept for the measurement of gripping forces in micro robotics with AFM cantilevers is introduced. Further on, signal processing and the intended haptical interface are presented.

In addition, the paper presents info regarding deflection, resistance, signal, force control, capacitive position, interface, engineering, voltage change, sensing, force sensor, integrated force sensors, calibration, haptical interface, force feedback, laser detection, voltage, resistance change, application, and force control development.

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