Micro-optical Force Sensor Concept

This paper contains discussion about optical force, refractive index, optical fiber, mode, cell signal, sensing, laser wavelength, polymer, spectrum, fiber, micro optical force, function generator, and resonant wavelength. In the paper we can find description related to discernible hysteresis, sensor, data acquisition, force sensing, optical modes, force sensor concept, microsphere, force, microsphere resonators, equatorial radius, range, measurement sensitivity, and resonators.

Lots of discussion such as resonances, resonance shift, strain, gallery mode, optical microsphere, temperature, resonance, calibration curve, detection, laser, polar direction, order, and continuous tracking are described in the paper. Here are excerpted from the paper:

A micro-optical force sensor concept based on the morphology-dependent shifts of optical modes of dielectric microspheres is investigated. The optical resonances, commonly referred to as the whispering gallery modes (WGM), were excited by evanescently coupling light from a tunable diode laser using a tapered single-mode fiber. A compressive force applied to the sphere induces a change in both the shape and the index of refraction of the sphere leading to a shift in WGM. By tracking the shifts, the force magnitude is determined using solid silica as well as solid and hollow Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) microsphere resonators.

Also, the paper contains more such as sensing elements, optical microsphere resonator, resolution, output, force sensitivity dependence, transmission spectra, measurement, compressive force, sensitivity, compression, sensitivity dependence, and mechanical strain.

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