Microchip’s Temperature Sensor Design Guide

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Many info such as thermocouple, features, compensated sensor accuracy, power, temperature set point, operating temperature range, output, control, memory, thermistor, mcp9701, system controller, temperature accuracy, mcp9700, and mcp9800 are presented inside this application note. Here are chosen from this application note:

TC623 Key Features: Factory-programmed Temperature Set Points No External Components Required Small SOT-23 Packages TC620/1 Key Features: Dual Trip Point Temperature Sensor Wide Voltage Supply Range: +4.5V to +18V User-programmable Trip Point and Hysteresis Dual Trip Point Temperature Sensor User-programmable Trip Point and Hysteresis TC622/4 Key Features: Low-Cost Single Trip Point Temperature Sensor Temperature Set Point Easily Programs with a Single External Resistor TO-220 Package for Direct Mounting to Heatsink Logic Output Temperature Sensor Key Features: Logic-Level Output Notifies System When Temperature is Above (or Below) a Preset Value Factory and User-programmable Temperature Settings Available in a Variety of Output Configurations Logic Output Temperature Sensor Applications: Fan Controllers Power Supplies Motor Drives RF Power Amplifiers Logic Output Temperature Sensors Used as Temperature Switches VDD +12V Overtemperature Indicator VDD VDD NTC Thermistor RLOW

Even more, the application note contains discussion things like temperature, applications, temperature range, sensor design guide, temperature data, temperature compensation, interface, accuracy, thermocouples, temperature measurement, devices, digital temperature sensor, compensation, metal thermocouples, and sensor output.

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