Microhydraullic Force Sensor Array

There are lots of things like capacitive tactile, full scale range, elastomeric sheet, hydraulic force, sensing, micro hydraulic force, spatial resolution, liquid, range, micro hydraulic system, high performance, flexible membrane, low vapor pressure, density, full scale, force sensor array, pins, hydraulic sensing, and method are described inside the paper. The paper contains explanation such as hydraulic system, vapor pressure, sensitivity, high density, average sensitivity, performance, scale, flexible polymer, force sensor, sensor, tactile sensor array, thick parylene, assisted polymerization, capacitance, force, detectable capacitance change, parylene thickness, membrane, and tactile sensor.

In the paper we can find info around parylene deposition, micro hydraulic structure, elastomeric, electrode, capacitive, simulation, resolution, maximum stress, polymer tactile sensor, dimensions, scale range, parylene membrane, minimum detectable capacitance, perforated membrane, high sensitivity, tactile interface, plunge structure, detectable capacitance, and structures. The following are some excerpt from the paper:

We introduce a micro-hydraulic force sensor with the ability to maintain high sensitivity at reduced footprint size to realize an array of force sensors with capability resembling human fingertip touch sensing. This sensor utilizes a micro-hydraulic structure as an enhanced sensing mechanism along with a tactile interface fabricated with a low cost, fast prototyping stereo-lithography apparatus. The sensor is capable of delivering high average sensitivity of 87 fF/mN (maximum observed: 260 fF/mN), a minimum detectable capacitance change of 80 aF at quiescence and a spatial resolution of 1 mm. It is sensitive enough to detect the fall of a 38.5 nL water droplet.

Additionally, this paper presents more things like large dynamic range, structure, capacitance change, micro hydraulic chamber, thick, deflection, sensor array, micro hydraulic sensing, stress level, force sensitivity, hydraulic structure, stress, force range, thick parylene membrane, hydraulic force sensor, laser assisted polymerization, dynamic range, and design.

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