Micromachined Force Sensors For the Study of Cell Mechanics

In this paper we can find description around sensing, adhesion, room temperature, response, length, combined spring, mechanical force sensors, large adhesion, techniques, fabrication, magnetic twisting cytometry, beams, tensile tester, deflection, and force sensing. This paper gives us things such as response vector, sensor stiffness, experimental system, layer, sensors, cross section, force sensor, micropipette aspiration, resolution, force deflection, indentation, spring constant, optical microscope, and contrast.

Lots of explanation such as force components, process, oxide layer, twisting cytometry, induced stretch, sensor beam, force response, stretch deformation, beam, thickness, direction, experimental results, precalibrated cantilever, and mechanical response are explained inside the paper. Below are taken from the paper:

A technique using micromachined mechanical force sensors to measure the force response of living cells is introduced. The force sensors consist of a probe and flexible beams. The probe is used to indent and stretch the cells, and the flexible beams are used to measure the cell force response. The stiffness of the sensors is designed at several nanonewtons per micrometer, but can be varied over a wide range. The sensors are fabricated by the SCREAM process. The deformation of the cells and the deflection of flexible beams are measured by an optical microscope coupled with a charge-coupled device camera. Experimental demonstrations show the feasibility, simplicity, and versatility of this technique. It addresses several disadvantages of existing related techniques, and is complementary to many of them. We expect that this new technique will attract significant attention and be employed much more in the study of cell mechanics.

Giving more content, this paper contains discussion such as magnetic twisting, deformation, force response vector, mechanical force, measurement, deformation vector, existing techniques, stretch, force resolution, stretch force response, sensor, probe, force, and system.

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