Micromachined piconewton force sensor for biophysics investigation.

Inside the paper we can get things such as force, diameter, surface micromachining, chip, current, mechanical spring, force transducer, effective initial susceptibility, motors, laboratory, and sensor. Many information regarding initial susceptibility, electromagnet, micromachined force sensor, length, constant, gradient, self calibration, particle, technique, and force sensor are explained in this paper.

This paper tells you info related to spring, value, axial displacements, method, spring constant, calibration, pole, magnet, deviation, and design. Here are grabbed from this paper:

We describe a micromachined force sensor that is able to measure forces as small as 1 pN in both air and water. First, we measured the force field produced by an electromagnet on individual 2.8 m magnetic beads glued to the sensor. By repeating with 11 different beads, we measured a 9% standard deviation in saturation magnetization. We next demonstrated that the sensor was fully functional when immersed in physiological buffer. These results show that the force sensors can be useful for magnetic force calibration and also for measurement of biophysical forces on chip

Also, this paper presents discussion about standard deviation, calculated spring constant, magnetization, micromachined force, force field, device, measurements, saturation, temperature, and susceptibility.

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