Micromachined silicon force sensor for characterization of microinjection

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Many explanation regarding diffraction mode, grating, actuators, electrical engineering, beams, optical encoder, force sensing, measurements, calibration, piezoresistive microscale, and force sensor are explained inside the article. The following are grabbed from this article:

We present a micrograting-based force sensor integrated with a surface micromachined silicon-nitride probe for penetration and injection into Drosophila embryos. The probe is supported by springs of a known spring constant, and the penetration force is determined from displacement measurements using a high-resolution, miniaturized optical encoder that is designed to only be sensitive to axial deflections of the probe. The optical-encoder force sensor exhibits configurable sensitivity and dynamic range, allowing monitoring over a wide range of forces. The periodicity of the encoder response can be used for calibration of the injector displacement and to obtain information about the localized elastic properties of the target.

Even more, the article contains discussion such as sensing, injector displacement, deformation, diffraction efficiency, motion, transmission phase, displacement, encoder, diffraction, injection force, and first diffraction.

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