Microsemi LXMG1800_LS Ambient Light Sensor Light Sensor Boar Assembly-Datasheet

Inside the datasheet you can read info related to ambient light, light, range, and light sensor. This datasheet contains discussion like settings, ambient light sensor, and mounting.

There are many explanation regarding sensor, input, and output voltage are explained inside the datasheet. These are grabbed from the datasheet:

The board comes preprogrammed to drive the minimum inverter lamp brightness at complete darkness and full brightness when about 120 lux strikes the sensor. However the gain that determines this range is user adjustable both up or down by adding or removing solder bridge(s) to short jumpers J1 to J3 on the board. There are eight gain settings possible to tailor the sensor board to match a wide variety of lighting configurations. In addition connecting an external 500k rheostat to the inverter’s BRITE input pin will override the sensor output allowing further dimming. This rheostat (or a selected fixed resistor) could also be used to shift the sensor’s range down thus trimming the gain.

In addition, the datasheet contains more around sensitivity, ambient light conditions, and voltage.

Download Microsemi LXMG1800_LS Ambient Light Sensor Light Sensor Boar Assembly-Datasheet pdf
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