Miniature Amplified Low Pressure Sensors

Inside this specification note you can read description like error, pressure output span, differential pressure nominal, amplified output, pressure ranges, pressure output, operating range, performance, offset, and supply. Lots of things regarding position sensitivity, nominal, offset voltage, units, scale pressure, circuit, offset position sensitivity, temperature, sensitivity, and performance characteristics are explained inside this specification note.

The specification note tells the reader explanation such as hysteresis, differential pressure, hysteresis error, differential pressure output, offset temperature shift, scale, maximum units performance, linearity, volt, and minimum operating range. These are excerpted from this specification note:

The Miniature Amplified Output pressure sensors is based upon a proprietary technology to reduce all output offset or common mode errors. This model provides a calibrated amplified output with superior output offset characteristics. Output offset errors due to change in temperature, stability to warm-up, stability to long time period, and position sensitivity are all significantly reduced when compared to conventional compensation methods. In addition the sensor utilizes a silicon, micromachined, stress concentration enhanced structure to provide a very linear output to measured pressure. These calibrated and temperature compensated sensors give an accurate and stable output over a wide temperature range. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases and the like.

Also, this specification note contains information about output, voltage, pressure, output offset, offset temperature, performance characteristics, performance, supply voltage, and temperature shift.

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