Mobile Device Interaction with Force Sensing by Microsoft Research UK

In the paper the reader can find information such as gesture type, training phase, twistanticlockwise bottomfront, maximum force, prototype, flexible technologies, mechanism, input, visual feedback, figure, action, force gestures, twistclockwise bottomback, twist gesture, bending forces, application, condition, operating system, bend condition, and touch screen. This paper gives the reader explanation about direction, bend gesture, bendtowards topback, force based interactions, direct pressure, force sensing, given block, mobile device, compression, devices, sensing, target, interactions, different force levels, sense, feedback, device, training, and applied forces.

Many things about page turning, sensor, metal layer, zero force, twist condition, window, gesture, prototype force, device interaction, strain gauges, experiment phase, input mechanism, effect, pressure sensors, interaction, user, force, physical analogies, familiarization phase, and bendaway topfront are presented in this paper. Below are some excerpt from this paper:

We propose a new type of input for mobile devices by sensing forces applied by users to device casings. Deformation of the devices is not necessary for such “force gestures” to be detectable. Our prototype implementation augments an ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) to detect twisting and bending forces. We describe examples of interactions using these forces, employing twisting to perform application switching (alttab) and interpreting bending as page-down/up. We present a user study exploring users’ abilities to reliably apply twisting and bending forces to various degrees, and draw implications from this study for future forcebased interfaces.

Also, this paper explains information things like applications, participant, twist, participants, animation, time, target acquisition, casing, acquisition time, sensing input, sensing forces, target acquisition time, pressure, mobile devices, applying forces, force sensing input, load sensors, mobile device interaction, and new page application.

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