Model 499A TrDO: A Trace Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

In the datasheet you can learn things regarding internal oxygen, standard integral cable, pressure, temperature sensor, cathode, comedown time, and special tools. This datasheet presents info regarding sensor, prevailing temperature, oxygen, cable, sensor response, and electrolyte solution.

There are lots of discussion related to temperature, model, dissolved oxygen, response time, electrolyte, and analyzer are presented in this datasheet. These are taken from the datasheet:

The Model 499A TrDO sensor is intended for the determination of trace (ppb) levels of dissolved oxygen in steam power plants and high purity cooling water. The 499A TrDO is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor. The sensor consists of a gas-permeable Teflon1 membrane stretched tightly over a gold cathode. A silver anode and an electrolyte solution complete the internal circuit. During operation, oxygen diffuses from the sample through the membrane to the cathode. A polarizing voltage applied to the cathode converts all the oxygen entering the sensor to hydroxide ions. The reaction produces a current, which the analyzer measures.

In addition, this datasheet contains more things like membrane permeability, calibration, cable length, automatic air calibration, polarizing voltage, self depleting, and membrane.

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