Model ODT-LR300-40-60 : Laser Light Sensor for Measuring Height and Width

This product information tells the reader discussion regarding laser protection, sensor, voltage, intelligent exposure, modifications, performance, and pin. Many info like connection, class, laser, range, protection degree, ethernet, and measuring range are described in this product information.

Inside this product information you can read information around light sensor, specifications, laser class, measurement, device, type, and protection. The following are selected from the product information:

The LR300 is a high performance laser light sensor in the Pepperl+Fuchs family of sensors for industrial applications. In the laser light process, a laser line projected onto an object is detected by a camera at a specific angle. Height and width information are determined using the triangulation principle. With its high performance hardware and software platform, the LR300 provides innovative and modular solutions for performance, communication, and maintenance. It reliably measures a wide variety of surfaces thanks to innovative laser technology and intelligent exposure control. It is laser protection class 1, which eliminates additional-protective measures.

Furthermore, the product information explains information regarding laser light sensor, power, reasonable modifications, high performance, light, and laser light.

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