Model SIM-525T Sensor Interface Module from Banner

Lots of discussion like button, dimensions, wiring, engineering, advanced hookup, typical interface, and power are described inside the technical information. Inside this technical information you can find description like interface, programming, additional terminals, sensor interface, and module.

This technical information contains discussion about interface module, additional hookups, remote indication, sensor, and power supply. Here are grabbed from the technical information:

The SIM-525T is a passive DIN-rail-mountable module that allows additional status indicators to be located in the user’s control cabinet. It also provides a Remote TEACH push button for interfacing to any Banner 5-wire Expert product. It is designed to provide remote indication and Teach capability for Banner M-GAGE™ and T-GAGE sensors, when their mounting does not allow easy access to the sensor (as when mounted underground or sealed in pavement, for example). The module also features two separate “tie points” to allow for a sensor signal capture when using the Banner DPB1 Programming Box and sensor-specific monitor software. The tie points also can be used as a Teach input by the user’s PLC.

Giving more content, the technical information explains info things like supply, typical hookup, monitor software, output,mountable module, and sensor interface module.

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