Modern Power Quality Measurement Techniques

Lots of information related to network, measurement techniques, disturbance, compatibility levels, energy, calibration laboratory, product, harmonic current emissions, quality, frequency, electromagnetic, electrical system, electricity, power quality analyser, supplied power, immunity, and power systems are explained inside this handbook. In the handbook the reader can learn description related to measurement, products, compatibility, electromagnetic environment, power systems compatibility, voltage dips, capacitor banks, quality analyser, quality measurement, techniques, location, disturbances, interruptions, device equipment, networks, production, and environment.

This handbook presents information related to current emissions, voltage fluctuations, power quality measurement, loads, limitation, fluctuations, current, emission, capacitor, sensitive devices, power, systems compatibility, electromagnetic disturbance, supply voltage, quality parameters, measurement instruments, and utility. The following are some excerpt from this handbook:

The purpose of this hanbook is to better acquaint the reader with the extensive challenges of measuring power quality. The first part describes the standards and terminology used in this field. Current standards and drafts are given and explained. Special attention is given to the terms and definitions that users of measuring equipment meet daily. A special chapter is devoted to EN 50160 which is probably the most important standard in this field. This standard can be considered as a systematic and proven framework for the monitoring and documentation of voltage quality parameters. We hope that this chapter is written in a consice and understandable manner. We expect that this document will serve the reader as a groundwork for dealing with terms, parameters or standards of this field.

In addition, the handbook contains discussion regarding system, electricity supply, publications, product standards, harmonic current, given location, susceptibility, equipment, standardisation, electromagnetic phenomena, device, report, voltage, power measurement, power system, and instruments.

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