Modular Sensor Microsystem Utilizing a Universal Interface Circuit-Paper

The paper contains explanation around circuits, analog output, input, protocols, sensor interface electronics, sensor interface, sensors, architecture communication, and interfaces. Inside this paper we can learn explanation around capacitive sensor, configuration, communication protocols, temperature sensor, sensor nodes, systems, communication, circuit, and microsystem.

Lots of info around resistive, the spi interface, sensor, detection, generation circuit, output voltage, interface circuit, resistive sensor, and system architecture communication are explained inside the paper. Here are chosen from this paper:

3.2 Digital Interface The digital I/O blocks of the UMSI chip include a multi-node sensor bus interface to a microcontroller that is fully hardware compatible with the IEEE P1451.2 standard, a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) with a 4b chip select for communication with optional external components, a bi-directional 8b digital I/O port, SPI Bus Sensor Bus IM Sensor Bus Interface Temperature Sensor SPI Interface Serial D/A 2 I/O Port Serial A/D Mode Set EEPROM (TEDS) UMSI Chip Sensor Readout voltage-output readout provides control over the signal range/sensitivity by attenuating the input voltage and feeding it to the programmable gain amplifier stage.

Furthermore, the paper contains more regarding universal interface circuit, application, applications, interface, signal processing, architecture, range, universal microsensor interface, and sensor bus interface.

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