Mounting, Pre-Loading, and Calibration for Piezoeletric Force Sensor

The note contains discussion regarding desired shear force, linearity, force, loading, and piezoelectric. Many discussion like shear force, force sensor, measurements, mounting, and mounting errors are described inside the note.

In the note the reader can get description around range, sensor, load stud, piezoelectric force sensors, and voltage output. These are some excerpt from the note:

New users of piezoelectric force sensors may sometimes become confused about how to mount and calibrate the sensors. There are generally two types of piezoelectric force sensors: 1). Internally pre-loaded force sensors 2). Ring-style force sensors that require external pre-loading Piezoelectric force sensors may be used at multiple incremental ranges up to their maximum measuring range. Therefore, selecting the proper force sensor really depends on the size and mechanical constraints of the apparatus under test.

Even more, the note gives the reader information regarding loaded force, shear, calibration, edge loading, and piezoelectric force.

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