MPXV7002 Integrated Silicon Pressure Sennsor

This datasheet presents info such as pressure, temperature compensation, mpxv7002 sensors freescale, pressure package, microcontroller, technical information center, systems, auto zero, range, and the zero pressure. Inside the datasheet we can find description about outline package, zero pressure output, performance, temperature range, response time, power supply, operating temperature, semiconductor, compensation calibration, and dimensions.

Lots of explanation around application, output filtering, output signal, full scale output, package dimensions, sensors, minimum rated pressure, output voltage, differential pressure, and deviation are explained inside this datasheet. Here are excerpted from the datasheet:

Due to the sensitivity of the MPXV7002 Series, external mechanical stresses and mounting position can affect the zero pressure output reading. Auto zero is defined as storing the zero pressure output reading and subtracting this from the device’s output during normal operations. Reference AN1636 for specific information. The specified accuracy assumes a maximum temperature change of ± 5°C between auto zero and measurement.

Also, the datasheet tells us information regarding output deviation, output reading, pressure package dimensions, calibration and signal, characteristics, microprocessor, sensing element, shear stress strain, and mpxv7002 sensors.

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