MPXY8000 Series Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors Presentation from Motorola

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Many info regarding module, low power consumption, proper tire inflation, integrated media protection, power consumption, sensor products, signal, solutions, process, monitoring, and product are explained in this presentation. Here are taken from this presentation:

TPM Receiver Benefits of Going with Motorola and the MPXY8000 Series TPM Sensors Feature Benefit • Low power consumption due to CMOS • Less drain on the battery -> longer capacitive transducer and on-chip power module lifetime management features • Do not need roll detection to conserve battery life • Motorola offers a complete chip set for a • Eliminates the need for an additional TPMS-RKE system with integrated TPM specific receiver components • The integration of components (MCU and RF) results in a cost savings from parts count and board space reduction. This also allows for a smaller module. • Motorola has experience in key • Time to market, and peace of mind. competencies for this application, and also has established manufacturing capacity installed.

Furthermore, the presentation presents info such as mpxy8000, complete chip, package, consumption, circuit, inflation, accuracy, trademark, management, manufacturing capacity, and media protection.

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