MPXY8020A Tire Pressure Monitoring Technical Data

The technical data contains discussion about monitoring sensor, measurement, temperature range, capacitor, voltage comparator, conversion, monitoring, tire pressure, error, and output. Inside this technical data you can find description such as sample, extreme limits, signal, standard temperature, noise immunity, pressure measurement, pressure monitoring, comparator, sensor characteristics, and temperature measurement.

Lots of info such as multiplexer, pressure error, voltage, temperature, power, conversion code, measuring circuitry, control, circuitry, and application are explained in the technical data. The following are excerpted from the technical data:

The pressure sensor is a capacitive transducer constructed using surface micromachining, the temperature sensor is constructed using a diffused resistor, and the interface circuit is integrated onto the same die as the sensors using a standard silicon CMOS process. The conditioning of the pressure signal begins with a capacitance to voltage conversion (C to V) followed by a switched capacitor amplifier.

Giving more content, this technical data gives the reader info things like power supply, shift register, timing, mpxy8020a, circuit, noise, pressure, sensor, and data.

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