Multi-site On-chip Current Sensor for Electromigration Monitoring

In the paper we can get info related to thermal management, current shunt, current density, voltage drop across, current sensor, level, monitoring, currents, and techniques. There are many info regarding density, power, current flow, power consumption, current, electromigration, performance, measurement, and voltage are explained inside the paper.

This paper presents discussion around voltage drop, supply, current levels, chip, shunt, consumption, sensor, circuits, and quiescent current. Here are selected from this paper:

An on-chip current measurement method that is suitable for electromigration management is introduced. Rather than inserting a shunt in the current flow path for creating a voltage drop, the voltage drop across existing interconnects is used to determine the current flow. Current is measured with a MOSFET-only sensing circuit that provides 9 bits of resolution with midrange current levels at the threshold where electromigration concerns become relevant This current sensor can be used for sensing currents in either VDD or VSS busses and is targeted for use in the power power/thermal management units in integrated circuits. Simulation results show the DNL/INL of this sensor is within +0.15/-0.3 LSB. The current sensor is robust to local mismatch. The small area and low power dissipation makes the structure suitable for multiple-site on-chip current measurements.

Also, this paper presents information such as power management, power thermal management, current measurement, sensing, circuit, integrated circuits, electromigration management, and power supply.

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