Nano-Newton Transverse Force Sensor based on the Piezotronic Effect

There are lots of info regarding information, spring constant, current, function, piezotronic effect, barrier height, electron microscope, piezoelectric charge, piezotronic, thermionic field emission, applied transverse force, and force resolution are described inside this paper. Inside this paper we can read explanation like force sensor, piezoelectric potential, sensor, electrical measurements, resolution, strain, sampling rate, supporting information, force, constant, and thermionic field.

The paper tells us explanation like cantilever deflection, transverse force, semiconductor, local piezopotential, response, barrier, beam epitaxy, piezoelectric charge density, figure, energy, and effect. These are some excerpt from the paper:

In this paper, we explore the piezotronic effect in a GaN nanowire under a transverse force. The force was applied by bending the end of a single NW using an atomic force microscope (AFM) tip. Our results show that GaN NWs can be used to transduce a shear/bending force into a dramatic current change through the NW due to the piezotronic effect. Owing to the local piezopotential generated by the applied force, the barrier height of the Schottky contact between the GaN NW and the platinum AFM tip can be modulated. Using this transduction mechanism, the transverse force can be correlated to the natural logarithm of the current. O

Even more, the paper gives us discussion regarding conduction band, field emission, communication, detected current, electron, force sensitivity, assisted molecular beam, response time, bending, applied force, and molecular beam.

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