Navipac Sensor Interfacing

This technical report contains explanation related to offset position, data input, data output, dynamic positioning, data, pressure, navigation, calculated instrument, and information. Inside this technical report you can find description around system, acquisition, interfaces, recoding control, sharing ports, dual transceiver, instrument, output, and external navigation.

Lots of things regarding reference position, unit, channel, data acquisition, available instruments, binary format, dedicated label protocol, position information, control, and speed are described inside this technical report. Here are chosen from this technical report:

On some vessels, the antenna(s) can be moved up and down to get safe under bridges etc. To be able to perform optimal navigation while the antenna is away from default position, we have added a LEM30 laser distance meter. This instrument must be placed, so it measures the distance from a given point to the antenna either on request or continuously. Initially the operator must enter the default value as Z offset (could be found by installing the instrument and making a measurement). NaviPac will then at each update find a delta height based on the entered Z value and the measured value. This delta value is subtracted from ALL antenna offsets. At each change the system generates an alarm

Additionally, the technical report presents info around port, motion sensor input, manual motion sensor ,multiple transponders, surface navigation, angle, systems, and tension.

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