NCT75 : Industry Standard Digital Temperature Sensor with 2 Wire Interface

Lots of things related to soldering details, input, bus address selection, value, address pointer register, supply current, open drain, operation, data, power, temperature limit, bus address byte, shot mode, data line, device, serial interface, reading data, bus, value register, and temperature are described inside this product information. The product information contains explanation around pin comparator mode, register address, hysteresis value, pointer, mode, conversion, electrical characteristics, interface, bits, twos complement format, current, configuration, dimension, temperature value, maximum ratings, techniques reference, frame, address byte, and master.

Inside the product information we can get explanation such as voltage, temperature conversion, mounting techniques, comparator, master frame, temperature measurement, pin, output, one shot register, serial bus address, pin interrupt mode, configuration register, comparator mode, device address, application, temperature register, address selection pin, soldering, and supply. The following are excerpted from the product information:

The NCT75 is a two-wire serially programmable temperature sensor with an over-temperature/interrupt output pin to signal out of limit conditions. This is an open-drain pin and can operate in either comparator or interrupt mode. Temperature measurements are converted into digital form using a high resolution (12 bit), sigma-delta, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device operates over the –55C to +125C temperature range. Communication with the NCT75 is accomplished via the SMBus/I2C interface. Three address selection pins, A2, A1 and A0, can be used to connect up to 8 NCT75s to a single bus. Through this interface the NCT75s internal registers may be accessed. These registers allow the user to read the current temperature, change the configuration settings and adjust the temperature limits.

Even more, the product information presents more such as polarity, package dimensions, mounting techniques reference, range, setpoint register, slave device, address pointer, fault queue, temperature sensor, address, setup time, supply voltage, temperature value register, address selection, temperature range, register, measured temperature, information, and clock pulse.

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