NOA1302 : Ambient Light Sensor with I 2 C Interface

There are many info about integration times, device model, model, light, function, fluorescent light, semiconductor, rise time, pin, condition, typical characteristics figure, dynamic range, programmable integration, response, and photo diode are presented in this datasheet. The datasheet tells the reader explanation about bits, standard, integration time, signal, spectral response, programmable integration times, time, power, level, ambient light sensor, application, temperature, mode, mounting techniques reference, and ambient light.

Inside this datasheet we can get description related to integration, light sensor, slave device, device, byte, data, output, interface, components, parasitic capacitances, light intensity, mounting techniques, current, light source, and clock. The following are some excerpt from this datasheet:

The NOA1302 integrates a wide dynamic range ambient light sensor (ALS) with a 16−bit ADC and a 2−wire I2C digital interface. The NOA1302 ambient light sensor provides a linear response over the range of close to 0 lux to well over 100,000 lux with programmable integration times to optimize noise performance. The sensor employs proprietary CMOS image sensing technology from ON Semiconductor which provides low noise and high dynamic range output signals and light response similar to the response of the human eye. The NOA1302 operates as an I2C slave device and supports commands to set options in the device and read out the ambient light intensity count.

In addition, the datasheet presents information things like intensity, voltage range, information, sensor, range, standard mode, programming sequence, pull−up resistor, voltage, power supply, bus, capacitance, maximum ratings, and ambient light intensity.

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