NOA1305 : Ambient Light Sensor with I 2 C Interface and Dark Current Compensation

This product sheet contains info such as register, least significant bits, continuous measurement, power, device address, address, pin, sensor, significant bits, supply, register address, maximum ratings, time, power supply, current, and slave address. Lots of explanation around external subroutine, integration time register, data, integration times, address data, light intensity, current compensation, parasitic capacitances, integration time, device, register data, temperature range, ambient, bits, bit, and measurement are described in this product sheet.

Inside the product sheet you can get explanation related to interrupt, intensity, light, stop command, command sequence, control register, operation, ambient light, voltage, dark current compensation, light sensor, stop condition, input, time register, output, and byte. Here are excerpted from the product sheet:

The NOA1305 ambient light sensor (ALS) is designed for handheld applications and integrates a 16−bit ADC, a 2−wire I2C digital interface, internal clock oscillator and a power down mode. The built in dynamic dark current compensation and precision calibration capability coupled with excellent IR and 50/60 Hz flicker rejection enables highly accurate measurements from very low light levels to full sunlight. The device can support simple count equals lux readings in interrupt−driven or polling modes. The NOA1305 employs proprietary CMOS image sensing technology from ON Semiconductor to provide large signal to noise ratio (SNR) and wide dynamic range (DR) over the entire operating temperature range. The optical filter used with this chip provides a light response similar to that of the human eye.

Additionally, this product sheet tells you info around data registers, integration, interrupt driven mode, sequence, stop, measurement data, temperature, count, input voltage, capacitance, semiconductor, control, signal, ambient light sensor, photo diode, and most significant bits.

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