Novel Gravimetric Measurement Technique

Inside the paper we can learn description around good precision, standard measurement, prognostic calculation, regression method, calibration, temperature, measurement conditions, balance mechanism, dispensing device, regression, expanded uncertainty, measurement result, regression analysis, and method. The paper tells you things such as uncertainty, range, settling, calculation, evaporation rate, weighing dish, settling time, density, equilibrium, photometric method, constant, micro plate, interval, and deionized water.

There are lots of info around equation, devices, quantitative volume, expectation value, gravimetric measurement, volume range, measured liquid, regression calculation, time, room temperature, measurement, analysis, dispensing volumes, and value are described in the paper. Below are excerpted from this paper:

We present a novel measurement method based on the gravimetric principles adapted from the ASTM E542 and ISO 4787 standards for quantitative volume determination in the sub-microliter range. Such a method is particularly important for the calibration of non-contact micro dispensers as well as other microfluidic devices. The novel method is based on the linear regression analysis of continuously monitored gravimetric results and therefore is referred to as ‘gravimetric regression method (GRM)’. In this context, the regression analysis is necessary to compensate the mass loss due to evaporation that is significant for very small dispensing volumes. A full assessment of the measurement uncertainty of GRM is presented and results in a standard measurement uncertainty around 6 nl for dosage volumes in the range from 40 nl to 1 μl.

Giving more content, this paper presents info regarding balance, traceability, balance readings, device, experimental setup, measured mass, linear, microliter range, volume determination, standard, linear regression, dispensing event, and volume.

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