NTC M12 : Bosch’s Temperature Sensor

In the product information the reader can read info around engineering, robust compact design, application, negative temperature coefficient, and sensing element. This product information presents discussion related to temperature, heavy metal oxide, measurement value, and data.

Many explanation like control units, protective housing, response time, and control are explained in the product information. Below are grabbed from this product information:

This sensor is designed to measure fluid temperatures e.g. oil, water or fuel. This signal may be used as a control value for engine control units or as a measurement value which is logged in a data acquisition system. The NTC sensing element has a negative temperature coefficient. This means, that with increasing temperature the conductivity rises. The sensing element of the temperature sensor is made of semiconducting heavy metal oxide and oxidized mixed crystals, which are equipped with a protective housing. The main benefit of the sensor is the combination of a high quality production part and a robust compact design.

Furthermore, the product information gives the reader info things like sensor, oxidized mixed crystals, high quality production , data acquisition system, engine control units, and temperature sensor.

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