nterfacing a CMOS Sensor to the TMS320DM642 Using Raw Capture Mode

This application report tells you things related to data format, frame synchronization, raw capture mode, video, synchronization, operation, image sensor, capture mode, address, horizontal blanking, frame, configuration structure, signal, section, and driver. Inside this application report you can learn description such as port, time, configuration, information, display performance, pattern, video capture, mini driver, display resolution, output, interface, bit, sensor signal, and reference guide.

Lots of info about interfacing, software interface, display, control, pixel, sheet, sensor operation, clock, data sheet, format, register, color pattern, resolution, read, and raw display mode are described in this application report. These are chosen from this application report:

This document contains information on how to interface the TMS320DM642 to a CMOS Digital Image Sensor in raw capture mode. A complete example is shown, including hardware and software interfaces. The software consists of a set of routines that are compatible with the Video Port Mini-Driver and External Device Control interface. The discussed interface is proven and has been tested from 320×240 at 120 frames per second to 1920×1080 at 19 frames per second. This document is accompanied by example software designed to operate with the TMS320DM642 EVM and is available electronically from the TI website.

Furthermore, the application report tells you information such as data, application, write, initialization, video capture port, digital image, capture port, digital image sensor, video port, sensor, data capture, interpolated control, application report, and vertical blanking period.

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